Revolutionising the tunnel industry

Tunnelware is a VaaS (Virtuality as a Service) for tunnel construction industry to manage the construction process while managing the data generated by various sensors and human interaction. With a focus on reducing cost and waste, and increasing productivity, the system will improve the construction process at every stage, delivering “faster builds to a higher quality with fewer defects and more sustainable tunnels.


  • Intelligent Tunneling

    Tunnelware is a software based on Unity game engine for managing and controlling technically the tunnel construction process specifically done with tunnel boring machine. Our smart cloud-based management system let you visualise and analyse the process and data on 5D format. All data generated will be stopped in here with full security designed by our experienced development team. The system will improve the construction process at every stage, delivering “faster builds to a higher quality with fewer defects and more sustainable tunnels.

  • Cloud Solution

    Tunnelware cloud solution will acquire all data generated by machine and monitoring in real-time. This cloud solution can be hosted by Smart Bauware or at your premises on your server. The security of data is always on highest priority for us to design the system.

  • Data Analytics & Visualisation

    By our years of experience in tunnel construction and 3D game design, Tunnelware can provide you the best ever analyses of data in 3D view and all this in real-time. Historical data analysis can also be possible within a fraction of seconds for the whole tunnel length. This analysis can be used for future tunnel projects by the Tender department of yours. All these visualisation will be on GIS platform for multiple machines located in different geography.

  • Reports

    Tunnelware let you generate custom report for construction process based on daily, weekly, monthly and on full project time scale. Shift reports can also be possible with the complete ease of filling up the report without even being logged in to the computer. Personnel management report will also be possible on monthly basis for managing human resource. All the reports will be having full support of business intelligence tool to generate right report to present to the client and internal team meetings.

  • Sensor Data Management

    Tunnelware let you manage the sensors with our beautiful designed UI. Management of sensors means it let you deploy any sensor data on the fly and can let you add to any report or analysis template. Sensor calibration can also be possible on the fly. Notification on any error will be shoot to registered email or mobile phone.

  • Meeting Room

    Virtual meeting room where people from different location and department can join at real-time to discuss on going tunnel construction process, shift reports generated by Tunnel Engineers and share their experience to make the process of construction complete smooth and hassle free. The decision taken will be uploaded on server immediately for any further action to be taken by the ground force.

  • Cutter Tool Management

    Disc cutters of cutting wheel can be monitored virtually by the sensor data and documented while replacing for inventory control.


  • Intelligent Connection

    System will collect the data from sensors on and below the ground, then by analysing it intelligently it will provide complete new 3D visualisation as what can be possible within few meters ahead of the machine. This will reduce the risk of any accident to the urban area above or below to the existing tunnels.

  • Segment Management

    Tunnel segments in the segment stock yard will be managed via drone. All data will be transferred to the system on real-time and can be accessed virtually.

Project Video

Listen to our founders. Tunnelware is explained by our founders and their vision.

Watch our product demo.


These are the people with expertise in the different field of engineering and business
who makes this Tunnelware complete out of the box.

Managing Partner

Rahul Tomar

Rahul Tomar

With Masters in Tunnel Engineering and experience of tunnel industry for more than 15 years he is very much motivated to bring the next level for the tunnel industry. Worked for tunnel construction in hydro-power project and Metro project in India, using both NATM and mechanised tunneling methods. After finishing his masters from Switzerland he start working in Germany to develop software for TBM sensors data management. Very soon he realised to bring virtual / augmentd reality to this industry for the better process management and further using machine learning for better prediction of performance.

Managing Partner

Dr. Holger Sprengel

Dr. Holger Sprengel

With 18 years of entreprenuerial experience and more than 10 years of experience in video games development he relaizes the fact that tunnel industry needs the change. He has founded Nurogames in Cologne, Germany during the very early stage of gaming industry. He has a perfect know-how of gaming industry as how it will behave and work with data.

Managing Partner

Jens Piesk

Jens Piesk

After finishing his Diploma Thesis in "Natural Language Interaction with virtual 3D Characters" from Academy of Media Arts, Cologne he is into the business of 3D game development. He successfully founded 5 companies in Germany and all are into the game development for desktops or mobile environment. His one of the greatest achivements comes with the development of "World of Kingdoms 2" game. Now, with Tunnelware he will bring his expertise to the tunnel industry to grow.


These are the people with expertise specially in the tunnel industry
who are guiding us to make this Tunnelware perfect fit for the industry.

Principal Tunnelling Engineer, AECOM

Lowell Cabangon

Lowell Cabangon

He has two masters in Tunnel engineering form EPFL, Lausanne and TU Graz, Austria. He also has PhD in Civinl engineering from Newcastle University, U.K. Professional Experience: Structural Engineering, Cut & Cover Tunnels, Metro & Road Tunnels, Internal Structures for Mined & TBM Tunnels, Design Management, Construction Phase Services (CPS). Specialties: Structural Engineering and Design Management of Underground/Tunnel Projects, Construction Phase Services (CPS) Works.

Tunnel Engineer, Salini Impregilo

Arun Rajta

Arun Rajta

He has an experience of tunnel industry for more than 10 years globally. His main expertise is in mechanised tunneling using earth pressure balance machine.

Professor at UPC, Technical University of Catalonia

Prof. Dr. Rolando Chacón

Prof. Dr. Rolando Chacón

Prof. Dr. Rolando Chacón is Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Technical University of Catalonia, in Barcelona.

He is specialised in the subject Digital Twin since 2014 and founder of the institute "Camins Makers" which focuses, among other thing, on the issue "Digital Twin" for various sectors, but also for the construction industry. Prof. Chacón was involved in the latest metro tunnel construction, Line 9, in Barcelona.



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